The Perfect Way to Clean Window Blinds

Venitian blinds Perth

Venitian blinds Perth

Window blinds make excellent shades for windows. These look nice and are considered more functional by modern homeowners. Nonetheless, some people are quite intimidated by the prospects of cleaning methods. It is true that some blinds are harder to clean than others. Yet, procedures can be learned and things will be easier from then on.

Most wooden blinds are made from a unique material that is very porous which means that water or liquid is not suitable for this variety. Besides, liquids can cause streaking stains and warping since the wooden slats will absorb the water. Thus, use only light-cleaning techniques such as dusting minus the liquids.

Light cleaning refers to quick methods that you can use on a regular basis without removing the blinds from your windows. Use a feather duster or soft and dry piece of clean cloth. Other options include old socks, cotton gloves, anti-static fibers, or tumble-dry wipes. There are also proprietary venetian blind slat cleaning products sold by many household stores. These look like cooking tongs with pads made of synthetic felt. It can clean three slats simultaneously.

In case there are stubborn marks or grease on any pane, it is possible to wet the cloth with minimal amount of water and gentle cleaning solution. You can even try some inexpensive over the counter products like “special cleaning sprays” that can reduce the dust that slats can possibly attract.

A portable vacuum cleaner can also be effective with an upholstery cleaning attachment. However, the suction must not be very strong. Otherwise, the nozzle may suck the panes and damage the material. Begin at the lowest level and adjust gradually until the desired results are achieved without causing any damages. These are some of the steps that you can take before shifting to deep cleaning methods.

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Tips to Picking Window Blinds

Whether you want vertical blinds to dress up the sliding door at your balcony, or horizontal blinds for your bedrooms, these tips and suggestions can help you find window treatments that will fit your windows and work well in each room of the house.
Window Treatments for Your Kitchen
You probably spend a long time preparing and serving food in your kitchen, so you’ll want blinds that could provide a pleasing atmosphere but shield off harmful light. Blinds made of vinyl are easy and simple to clean, and those made of faux timber provide a warm, inviting vibe. Make sure to choose kitchen blinds that could be dusted or wiped, as the things found in the kitchen could become dirty quickly.
Window Treatments for Bedrooms
Venetian blinds very common and ideal for bedrooms. They provide flexibility and privacy as they have overlapping, slatted horizontal blinds that could be opened and closed with the attached cords. Venetian blinds made of timber give a rustic apeal, while aluminum and vinyl blinds give a bedroom a contemporary feel. Buy blinds that close tightly, so you will get maximum privacy and a dark room when resting during night time.
Window Treatments for Your Living Room
If you do most of your relaxing and entertainment in your living space, consider investing in elegant wooden window blinds for an elegant appeal. Check out wood window blinds in dark wood for a sleek, contemporary vibe; or those with a light finish for a vintage feel. For a minimalist look, consider painting wood wooden blinds white.
For Your Patio or Deck
An excellent accent for a tall sliding door that leads to your veranda are vertical blinds. White vinyl blinds are popular and are very easy to clean. Fabric blinds also provide a stylish look.
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Venetian Blinds Repair 101: How to Repair and Clean Venetian Blinds

Having to clean a venetian blind is already a hard thing. Having to remove it and repair it is going to be quite tedious. If you properly know how to do it then you might be spending less time getting irritated and stressed and more time for yourself. To help you out with the repair here is a step by step guide:

  1. First step is to lower the blind and adjust the slats so that you can open it using the tilt cord or the wand. Unclip the blind from the brackets. Make sure you have a large work table to work on for the repair.
  2. Remove the end caps. Uncover the bottom railings so that you can expose the knots and clips.
  3. To replace ladders, disconnect the two lift cord ends which are clipped to the railing. Pull the cords up through the slats. Remove the damaged slat and then replace them with new ones.
  4. To replace lift cords, pull both ends over the pulley, down then out. Feed the two ends with new lift cords. Feed both cords through the sides and secure them in place. Finally install the cover/end caps.
  5. Finally, hang the blinds.

Repairing venetian blinds is tricky but if you know the simple steps and follow them one at a time, you should have no problem at all. Before you hang them back make sure that they are clean though.

How do you light clean venetian blinds?

  1. Check for problem spots. Wipe off stains and sticky areas with a window spray cleaner.
  2. To do some light cleaning you just have to shut the blinds. Use a rag or a paper towel to wipe off the dust. You can also use a dust buster. There are also dust attracting gloves. You can run over the slat with your fingers. The better direction of cleaning is from center to edge one slat at a time.
  3. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft duster brush attached to the nozzle.

Take care of your blinds so that you can use it for a very long time.

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Outdoor Blinds for a Hot Summer Day

Summer is fast approaching. You can feel the heat when the wind blows because instead of a cold breeze touching your skin, you feel a worm to hot breeze. This lets you know that summer is just around the corner and you need all the necessary protection for your skin not to be burned by the UV rays. During a hot summer day, it is also great to go out the garden and play under the sun, but after all the fun you will still need to go under the shade. 

One of the great solutions to both enjoy the outdoor sun and not get too much shade is outdoor blinds. If you have a great lawn and a deck that you want to relax in but think twice because of the heat. You can consider installing outdoor blinds. There are different types of outdoor blinds:

  1. Outdoor Roller Blinds – These types of blinds are designed to withstand heavy duty outdoor conditions like the rain and the wind. It has a simple roller mechanism that lets you raise or lower the blinds easily. You can let it down or up at any particular level.
  2. Sun block Roller Blinds – As the name suggests, these blinds can totally block the sun from sipping through. These are best for patios where the afternoon sun sets.
  3. Timber Blinds – By using timber blinds you can control the light that you want to sip thought the intervals by adjusting the mechanism. The usual timbers used for this type of blinds are basswood, cedar and actual timber of any color. PVC or similar material can also be an alternative.
  4. Bamboo Chick blinds – for the more Zen type looking blinds, you can go for the bamboo chick blinds. This is economical but at the same time elegant looking. The natural look is mixed with the modern style. The wood tone is definitely pleasing to the eyes.

These types of blinds can easily get dirty because of the elements but they are also designed to easily be cleaned. To provide maximum entertainment, relaxation, shade, you can opt to choose to install any type of outdoor blinds in Perth.

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Let Some Light In

Designing the interior of a house can be a fulfilling and revealing experience. It can be a venue to find ways to express one’s personality and sense of style while still managing to come up with a practical, effective design that doesn’t compromise the quality and usefulness of the house. Along with picking colors, fixtures and the like comes the important process of choosing everything wisely, including what goes into a room to cover the windows.

Room blinds are a truly practical – and thus popular – option for window covering, especially for those who would like to maintain a good degree of control over light and visibility. There is a lot of flexibility and freedom to be had when using blinds instead of curtains, with a lot of available designs that work well with varied room designs. Here are some common types of blinds to choose for your room.

1. Venetian blinds may be the most familiar type of blinds. Venetian blinds perth and elsewhere are typically popular; these “standard” blinds are easy to control and can be bought in wood or plastic form in a variety of designs.
2. Roman blinds offer the functionality of blinds with the overall aesthetic appeal of curtains. The new tens have seen Roman blinds enjoy a resurgence in popularity, possibly because of their classy look. Roman blinds hang down as a single flat sheet but get pulled up into pleats, which can offer a fairly attractive look.
3. Roller blinds are similar to Roman blinds in that they can also be unrolled flat against a window; however unlike Roman blinds they are rolled up into a tube instead of pulled up to form a line of pleats. One type of roller blinds called blackout blinds are equipped with an opaque layer that can be used to completely block out light.
4. Light filtering blinds offer a benefit that has elements of roller blinds and blackout blinds. This is because this sort of window blind can offer the reduction of light thanks to the use of a type of mesh. However, unlike blackout blinds, light filtering blinds allow some light in. They can be paired with blackout blinds so as to give you even better control over incoming light.
5. There is a unique visual appeal to plantation shutters, which have the traditional “shutter” look associated with older houses thanks to their wide louvers or slats. A retro feel gets added to a house when plantation shutters are the ones used, particularly for bigger windows.

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Walk On The Blinds Side

When it comes to customizing and tailoring the interior of a house, rooms are the tricky part. While designing a room can be very liberating and can help put you in touch with your personality and sense of style. The truly tricky part, of course, is making sure to do all this while still making smart, practical choices that don’t compromise the quality and integrity of the room and its fixtures. Everything from the floor (paneling, carpet, or tile?) to light fixtures (ceiling lights, lamps, or sconces?) will need to be considered well and chosen wisely. For that matter, even seemingly simple concerns such as what goes to cover the windows must also be considered.

The favorite option tends to be curtains, but blinds are actually gaining ground in many households. After all, blinds tend to be available in cheaper forms thanks to being made from a variety of materials, some being more economical to produce and sell. Blinds also tend to be easier to maintain, because unlike fabric curtains that must be removed and washed – or at least vacuumed – blinds can usually be wiped clean with a cloth.

Blinds are popular choices at various locations, blinds Perth wa can actually be a good place to shop for them. However, blinds are typically expected to only be a one-time purchase – what house buys blinds and replacement blinds on a regular basis anyway? – and as such some questions should come into play when deciding what to get.

1. What design styles do you have available to you? Roman, Venetian, plantation blinds and such can be popular, but each will have its strengths and weaknesses to be considered. They will each offer the home something, but are far from interchangeable.
2. As far as choices go, what stands out as the most cost-efficient option? Blinds are made of a variety of materials, some cheaper than others. However, choosing wisely can have many positive long-term side effects too – aluminum or vinyl blinds can be cheap initially, but they retain little heat – and as such other types of blinds might be a better long-term investment.
3. What room are you buying the blinds for? A simple question such as this one can result in answers that truly guide the purchase. For example, wipe-clean blinds will be ideal for rooms with high moisture like the bathroom or kitchen. These wipe-clean blinds tend to be waterproof too, which makes them ideal thanks to their durability. Naturally for the bathroom you need blinds that block out light so as to maintain the privacy of the place. For either room, wooden blinds would not be the way to go, because the moisture will almost certainly damage the wood.

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Blinds Sided

A room is a very tricky thing to have to design, but it can be a very freeing experience that gives you a lot of room to move – as long as you remember to temper your design sensibilities with practical knowledge. What should the floor be covered with – tile, carpet, or wood paneling? What light fixtures should be used to illuminate the room while maintaining an appropriate atmosphere? What storage items should be used – dressers, closets, boxes – that will not compromise the available space in the room? Finally, what should be put on the windows to control the amount of light coming in and going out?

blinds perth WABlinds and curtains are usually the go-to options for covering a room window, but blinds edge out curtains for a number of reasons. Blinds are available in a variety of designs and made from a variety of materials, suggesting they can be had for less than most curtains. They’re also easier to maintain and clean, because while fabric curtains need to be taken down and washed, you can choose wipe-clean blinds designs.

As you can see, blinds are a popular choice as they tend to be a fairly wise investment. However, they still need to be wisely chosen – blinds should really be a one-time investment that you should not have to change or replace after your initial purchase. As such, you must put a lot of thought into the choice of what blinds to get.

1. What design styles are available? Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, plantation shutters and others tend to be widely available, but each has potential drawbacks so it is often wise to get to know what each type has to offer.
2. What is the best, most cost-efficient option? Blinds offer a variety of options for different budgets. Blinds perth wa can be made of aluminum or vinyl, which give you very cheap options. However, they tend to retain very little heat, so other options might be more effective for saving money in the long run.
3. What room are you designing, and what kind of blinds will work best there? High-moisture areas like the kitchen or the bathroom will call for wipe-clean blinds – these are usually waterproof as well. For the bathroom in particular you will also want to get the sort of blinds that effectively keep out light, so as to maintain the privacy of the room. Wooden blinds will be a bad idea because wood absorbs moisture and gets damaged by it – and there will be lots of that in either of these rooms.

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