Tips to Picking Window Blinds

Whether you want vertical blinds to dress up the sliding door at your balcony, or horizontal blinds for your bedrooms, these tips and suggestions can help you find window treatments that will fit your windows and work well in each room of the house.
Window Treatments for Your Kitchen
You probably spend a long time preparing and serving food in your kitchen, so you’ll want blinds that could provide a pleasing atmosphere but shield off harmful light. Blinds made of vinyl are easy and simple to clean, and those made of faux timber provide a warm, inviting vibe. Make sure to choose kitchen blinds that could be dusted or wiped, as the things found in the kitchen could become dirty quickly.
Window Treatments for Bedrooms
Venetian blinds very common and ideal for bedrooms. They provide flexibility and privacy as they have overlapping, slatted horizontal blinds that could be opened and closed with the attached cords. Venetian blinds made of timber give a rustic apeal, while aluminum and vinyl blinds give a bedroom a contemporary feel. Buy blinds that close tightly, so you will get maximum privacy and a dark room when resting during night time.
Window Treatments for Your Living Room
If you do most of your relaxing and entertainment in your living space, consider investing in elegant wooden window blinds for an elegant appeal. Check out wood window blinds in dark wood for a sleek, contemporary vibe; or those with a light finish for a vintage feel. For a minimalist look, consider painting wood wooden blinds white.
For Your Patio or Deck
An excellent accent for a tall sliding door that leads to your veranda are vertical blinds. White vinyl blinds are popular and are very easy to clean. Fabric blinds also provide a stylish look.
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Important Things to Consider When Purchasing Window Coverings

Don’t know what to pick with the many window treatment options available? The tips written below will help you find the right window treatment for every room in your home.


Take into account the mood of each area. For a room that has a formal feel, consider heavy silk or velvet. Both must only be dry cleaned. If you prefer practical, washable options, there are cotton sateen and silky rayon blends. For a room with a casual look, there are billowy linen (generally dry cleaned), and crinkly crushed velvet. Cotton blends and pure cotton will work with any kind of design and offer a nice feel, as does wood blends and seasonless wool.


Decide if you’d like your window treatments to stand out or blend with your home decor. If you want them to blend, buy window coverings that are the same colour or shade as the wall, but a few hues darker; or pick a non-dominant subtle shade from the space, say a soft shade from your carpet. If you want your window covering to stand out, pick a bold colour. Additionally, keep in mind that when the sun shines through curtains with no linings, the colour will infuse the entire space. Pink will be cherry; blue eerie.

Prints & Patterns

If your furniture or bedding is patterned, or an elaborate rug, it’s recommended that you choose solid curtains. If you have bedding or furniture with solid colours, consider using pattered curtains. For a subtle hit of energy and style, go for small, neutral print, like paisley or dots. A big, graphic print that blends well with your home decor is bold but can be amazing. If you are looking for quality, stylish window coverings, check out Outdoor Blinds Perth by following the link givens:

Cleaning Different Types of Window Blinds

Venitian blinds Perth

Venitian blinds Perth

Window blinds can provide a terrific improvement to any room in your house. Even then, you need to keep these clean at all times or the blinds can end up as an unpleasant sight. Regardless of the variety, dust your blinds at least once every week. General cleaning should be done twice a year.

Get rid of dust using the clean cloth, duster or soft brush add-on of the vacuum. See to it that you wipe the front and back portions of the window treatment. Remove all stains completely. Use a damp cloth to scrub the slats lightly. Use a small amount of dish washing liquid detergent for stubborn marks.

Exercise tremendous caution in cleaning the blinds. Do not apply too much pressure or you may destroy the material to a point that it cannot be repaired. You may need to remove the shades for cleaning if these are too fragile. Spread the blinds on the floor where these are easier to clean. It is possible to spray metal blinds with water while hanging in the backyard. However, make sure that are fully dry before hanging these again.

You can buy and use over the counter cleaners for all types of blinds. However, try household vinegar and water solution for a change. It is also safe to use soapy water. Fill up a small pail with warm water and liquefy the detergent. If you want more detailed cleaning, remove the awnings from your window. Lower the blinds and close the slats. Take down the treatments so these are ready for washing.

Standard window blinds call for simple dusting and generally takes less than an hour in finishing the task. However, check manufacturer guidelines if professional cleaning is required for certain treatments. Then, it is time to call a reputable cleaning firm.

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