The Perfect Way to Clean Window Blinds

Venitian blinds Perth

Venitian blinds Perth

Window blinds make excellent shades for windows. These look nice and are considered more functional by modern homeowners. Nonetheless, some people are quite intimidated by the prospects of cleaning methods. It is true that some blinds are harder to clean than others. Yet, procedures can be learned and things will be easier from then on.

Most wooden blinds are made from a unique material that is very porous which means that water or liquid is not suitable for this variety. Besides, liquids can cause streaking stains and warping since the wooden slats will absorb the water. Thus, use only light-cleaning techniques such as dusting minus the liquids.

Light cleaning refers to quick methods that you can use on a regular basis without removing the blinds from your windows. Use a feather duster or soft and dry piece of clean cloth. Other options include old socks, cotton gloves, anti-static fibers, or tumble-dry wipes. There are also proprietary venetian blind slat cleaning products sold by many household stores. These look like cooking tongs with pads made of synthetic felt. It can clean three slats simultaneously.

In case there are stubborn marks or grease on any pane, it is possible to wet the cloth with minimal amount of water and gentle cleaning solution. You can even try some inexpensive over the counter products like “special cleaning sprays” that can reduce the dust that slats can possibly attract.

A portable vacuum cleaner can also be effective with an upholstery cleaning attachment. However, the suction must not be very strong. Otherwise, the nozzle may suck the panes and damage the material. Begin at the lowest level and adjust gradually until the desired results are achieved without causing any damages. These are some of the steps that you can take before shifting to deep cleaning methods.

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