Cleaning Ideas for Household Blinds

Window blinds serve as decorative enhancement aside from blocking unwanted sunlight. This type of window treatment is susceptible to dust and all forms of dirt. Regular light cleaning is recommended. It is not hard and you can even do it leisurely. Yet, deep cleaning is necessary occasionally to reach areas that cannot be accessed with light cleaning techniques. Yet, you must be extra careful with these procedures.

The initial step is to remove the blinds from the window. After that, you can place the shades in the bathtub. Fill the tub with clean water until the blinds are fully submerged. Pour a small amount of cleaning solution in the water. Check with the manufacturer on the appropriate cleaner since there are different kinds of cleaning liquids. Soak for several minutes until the dirt and oils are eliminated. Pay attention to the areas between the slats, cords and bars. You can utilize an old toothbrush to scrub portions with deep-rooted grime or grease.

Throw away the dirty water. Rinse with clean water and soak for a short period. The shower attachment can prove useful in washing the blinds. Deep cleaning may also be done outdoors such as the driveway or lawn. Use the garden hose for this purpose. If possible, spread the window treatment on a clean blanket or canvas. Just like the previous method, use a soft brush for scrubbing lightly. Rinse several times using the hose.

See to it that you hang the blinds up and dry under the sun. Air should pass through the wooden or plastic vanes to prevent the formation of molds. You can also suspend from the shower rail in case you decide to deep-clean indoors. The blinds must be dried completely before reinstalling. . In case the task is quite difficult for you, call a professional cleaner to do this chore.

Whatever way you clean your blind make sure you hang your blind up after cleaning so that air can pass through all the vanes so it can dry properly, preventing mold from forming. There are many ways you could do this perhaps by hanging it from a sturdy shower rail over the bath or a garage beam if working outside. Make sure your blind is completely dry before fitting it back in its proper location. In case the task is quite difficult for you, call a professional cleaner to do this chore.

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